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Why Choose Rumah Paten?

Are you a coffee shop owner, culinary entrepreneur, clothing line business or any entrepreneur? Is your business protected by the State?

Legal protection so that no one can “copy” your business, such as using a name and logo that is similar to your business. If someone is “copying”, you have the right to sue and material damages.

Register your business to get a Trademark from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property right now! Register through Rumah Paten!

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The Importance of Registering Your Trademark

As a Differentiator

The combination of elements that have differentiating power that distinguishes similar goods.

Protect Consumers

Satisfy the need for quality assurance in an atmosphere of free competition.

Protect Manufacturers

Legal certainty in conducting business without interference from other parties.

Gives Reputation

Intellectual Property Rights that are known to the public will enhance the product’s image.

Quality Assurance

To improve the image, product quality will be maintained properly.

State Protection

Provide legal protection for the work of its citizens.

Tips for Successful Trademark Registration

Own Creations
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A good mark is one that comes purely from an idea, created by the applicant himself, not from a mark that has been registered either in Indonesia or abroad.
Don't Imitate
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Do not just submit a Mark whose idea comes from a Mark abroad, browse from foreign or domestic sites, because this could be considered as having bad intentions.
Examiner's Authority
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Rejection is the authority of the Mark Examiner. Requests are not just "How come our brand is different, I've checked", but also understanding why the proposal arose.
Black and White
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Trademark applicants who register Brand labels in black and white will receive protection for all existing colors.
Intent to Use
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When determining the goods or services to be included in the application, it is better if you really want to use them.
Closing Counterfeits
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If a Mark Owner has a Mark consisting of Words and Logo, at least he/she must register Words only, Logo only, and Words and Logo in 3 registrations.
Can't Be Same
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In principle, there may not be the same Mark in the same class, including related classes, the same word in sound, visual and conceptual.

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