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About Rumah Paten

We provide complete and clear information

Rumah Paten is a place where you -in whatever sense your business is- get complete and clear information about Intellectual Property, whether it’s a TRADEMARK, PATENT, COPYRIGHT, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, TRADE SECRET or anything else you can do as the owner. Registered Intellectual Property or if you have an Intellectual Property registration.

We are professional and experienced

Our Professional Team has experience since 2005 handling Intellectual Property portfolios of various companies ranging from SME (Small Medium Enterprise) to national caliber such as Exporters, Importers, General Entrepreneurs, Professional Services, Culinary Business and other services, businesses related to the production of goods , protection of company assets and so on.

We are very concerned

We are very concerned with maximum protection for whatever you create for all kinds of your business. Your brilliant idea is very valuable to be taken for granted by irresponsible parties. Therefore, it is a very wise and appropriate step if you already have a Consulting Partner who really understands your needs.

We are ready to assist clients in preparing and registering Intellectual Property ownership with experienced Professional Consultants since 2005.

We make it easy for clients in the registration process, starting from consultations with registered consultants, registration, monitoring and until a certificate is issued.

H. Adnan Hardie, SH.

Founder, IP Consultant & Advocate
I am a person who loves to travel, see the world and enjoy life with my wife and family.

Our vision is to become a leading Intellectual Property partner in providing professional legal advice and assistance services to the public by prioritizing knowledge based on professional ethics.

Hj. dr. Irma Novita Andriani, MM.

CEO & IP Consultant
Most of my clients are in the medical and healthcare industry which has helped me develop and hone my knowledge of this particular market.

I used to be a healthcare executive with experience in marketing. I always make sure to capture the exact message our clients want. Now I join Rumah Paten with my husband, Adnan Hardie, SH.

R. Muhammad Firdaus D. (Mido), SH. MH.

Partner & Off Counsel

I am an Intellectual Property Advocate and Consultant for water and motor sports enthusiasts. As a teacher of law at the London School of Public Relations is certainly a contribution to the advancement of education that is invaluable.

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